Why Choose Us

For a few good reasons! MJEE is an efficient, personalised exam preparation platform that satisfies all your learning needs just the way you want. This application is the ultimate preparation guide for your exams right from scratch. It provides you with complete syllabus based assessments and mock tests that cover all three core subjects.

The tests are absolutely free and can be taken at any point in time from wherever you are. The application also offers you exclusive subject-based question banks for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to learn and get enough practice for each subject. MJEE commits to helping you organise your learning and scoring.

MJEE Advantages

Learn Anything


Comprehensive, widely covers all subjects quite deep

Ask a Doubt

Better Learning

Increases your efficiency and accuracy

Developing Knowledge

Convenient and Safe

Learn from the comfort of staying at home



IOS and Android, All browsers

Keep Your Eye On the Goal

Preparation and progress lead the road to success, and it requires a certain strategy! And MJEE understands every Aspirant’s goal as its own and strives towards making them achievable with a winning score.

MJEE provides you with the right opportunity to plan and begin with us, and every study material that we offer is carefully designed and evaluated for your wholesome learning and confidence. We help you master the basics, strengthen your problem-solving skills, Gain control over your time management and simplify your preparation and revising pattern.

So come practice and prepare, with Us.